I am searching for the most concise and well-sounding way to say

my foremost inspiration is the photos of previous (deceased) generations.

I cannot find a suitable word or succinct expression to describe something belonging to previous generations that have died out. I also don't want to sound negative by implying the death of previous people.

Moreover, is there a better way of saying: it inspires me? Should I say: I am inspired by?

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  • dead ancestors
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I would use “bygone” in that context—“bygone generations/times/eras”. Other good alternatives include “past generations” (or “generations past”), “my/our forebears”, or “those that have gone before me/us”.

These don’t all require that the generations in question be deceased, but they can strongly imply it based on context.


Antecedents might work. Strictly speaking, it refers to your own family's ancestors, but it is commonly used to refer to the culture and cohort of your ancestors as well.

Why launch ourselves on this most ambitious of inquiries, if we can loiter instead in the theories of our antecedents?


Our antecedents moved their agriculture into the great river valleys [...]


  • Or decedents...
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from https://www.vocabulary.com/dictionary/ancestral :

adj. of or belonging to or inherited from an ancestor

Ancestral things have been around so long that they once belonged to your ancestors, the family members who lived before your grandparents were born.

The implication of "ancestral" is that the people have since died, but without sounding negative.

e.g. "The ancestral pictures on the walls inspire my resolve."


Forebear (MWD)

ancestor, forefather; also : precursor —usually used in plural His forebears fought in the American Civil War.

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