It protects the people from falling from building.

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Is there any single name for it?

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    What is the name for it in your language? Which dictionary have you looked up the translation in, and what did it say? (Hint: it's the exact same word in your language as it is in English.) – RegDwigнt Aug 24 '17 at 10:20

It's a Balustrade which means a row of balusters topped by a rail.

Baluster : an object or vertical member (such as the leg of a table, a round in a chair back, or the stem of a glass) having a vaselike or turned outline;

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Synonymns : Railing, fence, rails, banister, bars etc.


It's a balustrade.

1 : a row of balusters topped by a rail 2 : a low parapet or barrier

Merriam Webster


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    You need to attribute the source of your quote. – AmE speaker Aug 24 '17 at 6:07

It's a railing:

a barrier consisting of a rail and supports

Pictures are probably more valuable here though. Searching for "balcony railing" will return many relevant images, including this one:

Wikimedia Commons: Prague Praha 2014 Holmstad Beautiful railing on balcony at Mala Strana

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