What is the verb that means someone NOT treating the work, usually the day-time job, seriously, like hoping to get things done as quickly as possible without careful double-check and always wanting to get out of the office as early as possible?

I found the word "perfunctory" which means "done quickly, without taking care or interest", which is what I mean but I wonder if there is a corresponding verb.

I also considered "play at sth", but this phrase seems to be more suitable to describe "role playing". I could be wrong. Maybe "play at" is the right one for my question.

Any help?? Thanks!

  • People call that form of distancing phoning it in at work. – Yosef Baskin Aug 16 '17 at 3:08
  • Other possibilities are "putz around" and its more Anglo-Saxon variants, but Yosef's proposal really is more on point than these. – Blaise Zydeco Aug 16 '17 at 8:50

I believe you're looking for shirk which Merriam-Webster defines as

to evade the performance of an obligation.

The word is often used in the context of one's job.

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The perfect verb escapes me right now but I think the phrase "a slapdash approach to his (or her) work" might be work for you.

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