If you go to A, the B will C; I've also attached it to this e-mail.

Is "it" referring to A or B?

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    The question itself is ambiguous. I think the specifics of A, B, and C are necessary. Specifically: which ones can be attached to an e-mail? "If you go to school the teacher will give you my report card." -- "It" = report card. "If you go to Kentucky, the map will be available at any gas station." -- "It" = map. If you go to page 5, the author's intent will become obvious. "It" = page 5. "If you go to my pdf, the professor's assignment will be more clear. -- "It" is ambiguous. – Solocutor Aug 15 '17 at 20:11

I would say the sentence is entirely ambiguous. I suggest referring to A, B, or C directly instead of using the pronoun. Also the semicolon is a bit strange.

If you go to A, the B will C. I've attached A to this email.

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