I can't find the meaning of the phrase "be an account of something"! I saw it in the following text:

This is the story of the marvelous land of oz, being an account of the adventures of the outlaw who came to be known as Jack Pumpkinhead.

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GEdgar provides a key definition for understanding the phrase, but the phrase itself is an old-fashioned (not quite archaic) construction, not generally used even in formal writing today. The phrase as a whole should be interpreted as identifying the document/story in question as telling the story of {whatever}. Your particular example can be read as saying

“This is a story that takes place in the marvelous land of Oz. It tells of the adventures of the outlaw who became known as ‘Jack Pumpkinhead’.”


account (n)
A report or description of an event or experience

(New Oxford American Dicionary)

You should look in a dictionary before asking here!

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In the context you mentioned, "be an account of" is not a phrase. Just think of the word "account" as independently meaning a report or description:


a description of facts, conditions, or events : report, narrative. > Example: the newspaper account of the fire. Merriam-Webster-Dictionary

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