So you have "ursine" which means "of or pertaining to bears", and you have "jentacular" which means "of or pertaining to breakfast". Is there a word that refers to this class of words, i.e. all words that mean "of or pertaining to X", where X is any arbitrary concept?


The OED settles for "of or pertaining to", listing the words as adjectives.

Ursine is an adjectival form of "bear".

Some nouns have separate adjectival forms, others do not. Many animals fall into this category e.g. equine, feline, canine - horses, cats, dogs respectively. Many other natural things are also so served e.g. pulmonary - of or pertaining to lungs, cardiac - of or pertaining to the heart, marine - of or pertaining to the sea, arboreal - of or pertaining to trees etc.

It may be possible to discover adjectival forms for many unlikely nouns, so I hesitate to quote examples of where there is none.

However, if the OED does not quote a word for "of or pertaining to", I think you can safely assume there isn't one.

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