I'm having trouble locating a phrase (possibly a loan word or phrase) similar to raison d’être, that means someones reason for doing something and end goal rather than reason for being. Kinda like a MacGuffin and raison d’être rolled into one descriptive turn of phrase.

Examples of things this phrase could describe are:

  • The Harrison Ford's one-armed man in The Fugitive(1993)
  • Szechuan Sauce for Rick in Rick and Morty as it is described at the end of Season 3 Episode 1.
  • Starting a Mars colony for Elon Musk.

Maybe mission statement would be a sufficient phrase but I don't feel that it really captures the motivating power that these kinds of end goals have.

Any ideas on a phrase or word that would fit this definition?

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Collins gives this sense for be-all and end-all:

be-all and end-all (in British English) noun informal

  1. the ultimate aim or justification

to provide help for others is the be-all and end-all of this group

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