"I have no idea 'WITH' something". Is it correct to use with as a proposition here? A line in a high school text book I saw says "We had no idea WITH what his purpose was"

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    It doesn't sound particularly grammatical, but could we have more context? Jul 20, 2017 at 17:08

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I do not believe the sentence "We had no idea with what his purpose was," breaks any grammatical rules; however, it does not reflect modern style. The sentence sounds awkward. You may find it more elegant to omit the preposition with altogether.


"We had no idea what his purpose was."

This does not change the meaning of the sentence and reads more elegantly.

"I have no idea with something," could just as elegantly be shortened to "I have no idea."

I do not know if this fits with the context of the writing from which this sentence is extracted, but this edit is certainly more concise.

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