Just wondering whether It worths mentioning is grammatically correct? If not, what's the correct way to say that?

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  • Worth is an adjective not a verb, so cannot be worths. This means that the related question in the sidebar is relevant: it cannot be "does it worth mentioning", so it must be "is it worth mentioning" and therefore "It is worth mentioning." – Andrew Leach Jul 17 '17 at 16:37
  • Often when I think something is worth mentioning, I mention it, as now. However, I see it as wasting the reader's time to delay things by saying It's worth mentioning that..., which adds no value. Otherwise this comment becomes "It's worth mentioning that the phrase It's worth mentioning isn't." – Yosef Baskin Jul 17 '17 at 16:44
  • The grammatical category that worth belongs to is a matter of some dispute, as discussed here. – John Lawler Jul 17 '17 at 20:01

That is incorrect. Ask yourself this question: What is "It" doing to "mentioning"? Well obviously it's not doing anything, but that construction makes it sound like "worths" is the verb connecting "It" with "mentioning". The grammatically appropriate alternative is "It is worth mentioning."

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