The common phrase to express that you want someone to exactly get what they wish for is, as far as I know:

May your dreams come true

Can you also say?

May your wishes come true

I have never heard it before, only the dreams version.

Is using wishes acceptable and if yes, how widespread is it?

Also: Is there a difference in meaning between these two phrases?


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Can wishes come true?

Yes, they can. Google returns about 424,000 results for "wish come true".

There is a movie named A Wish Come True.

Google Books shows about 34,400 results for the same phrase, among them at least two books titled Wish Come True and many others with similar titles such as Make My Wish Come True, Miami Fellas: A Mob Wish Come True, The Wish Come True Cat, Make a Wish Come True and more - and all that's just from the first page.

Elvis Presley sang My Wish Came True in 1957. You can't ask for a better confirmation than that.


May your wishes come true. It's acceptable.

Wishes in this context would be a synonym for dreams.

There is no significant difference.

May your wishes be fulfilled. It's probably better this way.

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