I wasn't too sure how best to phrase the title of this question, so hope I can better explain it here.

For those who are perhaps unaware, 'misogynoir' is a term coined by queer Black feminist Moya Bailey to describe an intersectional form of misogyny directed at Black women. I definitely support the acknowledgement and existence of such a term. What bothers me about it, though, is its lexical construction. It is essentially a portmanteau of two words with totally different roots: misogyny (from Greek, miso [hate] + gyny [women]) and noir (French [black]).

If one was to refashion it in Greek root form – like other 'hate' terms like misogyny itself as well as misandry [hatred of men], misogamy [hatred of marriage], etc. – does anybody know what it would be? I've considered misomelanogyny (miso [hate] + melano [black] + gyny [women]) but am not convinced it's proper. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated and I thank all in advance for their input.

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