The question I have asked is "what is A's bearing on B?". But the question in fact involves two separate questions, it is both about A's positive bearing on B and A's negative bearings on B. What such a question is called? For example what should be put in the following blank space?

Does A has any bearing on B? The question is ..., involving both the positive and the negative bearings A might have on B.

The words I have come up with so far are two-sided and twofold. But I am not sure if they are good enough.

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    'Double-edged' or 'double-sided' are used to mean that there are two aspects to consider. Jun 29, 2017 at 6:20

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Multifaceted [muhl-tee-fas-i-tid, muhl-tahy-] /adjective

  1. having many aspects or phases: a multifaceted problem.

Source: Dictionary.com

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