I'm currently reorganizing my Pinterest account. I'm combining and separating boards to more efficiently sort my pins. I want to have a group of boards that will include movies, books, and tv shows. However, I would like the title of the group to be only one or two words. An example of how it is currently titled (with "Movies/Books" being the group title):

Movies/Books – Fault in Our Stars

Movies/Books – Hunger Games

Movies/Books – Lord of the Rings

Movies/Books – Star Wars

Movies/Books – Spongebob

Movies/Books – Star vs. Forces of Evil

Movies/Books – Star Trek

What I'm looking for is to replace the "Movie/Books" part of the title, so as to describe the overall grouping a little easier. (as a side note: I use the same title before the "Fault in our stars" and such so that when the pins are shown in alphabetical order, they are all together as "Movies/Books" will always start with the letter M).

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    I like Media (and have upvoted) but depending on the impression you wish to convey, stories and it's synonyms may work. I quite like narratives. Another possibility might even be worlds. Jun 28, 2017 at 16:51

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You could simply label the group as titles.


a :  the distinguishing name of a written, printed, or filmed production

b :  a similar distinguishing name of a musical composition or a work of art

source: Merriam-Webster



2 plural form of medium


1.1 A means by which something is communicated or expressed.

  • OP is not looking for the means by which something is communicated but the name of a particular grouping of productions.
    – thomj1332
    Jun 28, 2017 at 19:35

Franchise is what I would suggest.

franchise: 1f orig. U.S. A general title, format, or unifying concept used for creating or marketing a series of products (esp. films, television shows, etc.).

from OED (sign-in needed to follow link)

I think this is better than "Titles" because it includes the concept of the continuing nature of the series and the multi-format nature of the group. I think it works better than "Media" because in that group I would expect the entries to be "books", "internet", "Facebook", "newspapers", etc rather than actual productions like Star Wars, etc.


1936 N.Y. Times 9 July 17/2 (heading) Warner Brothers hold their G-Man franchise with ‘Public Enemy's Wife’ at the Strand.

1986 L. Nimoy in Los Angeles Times 14 June 6 I think the studio [is]..definitely interested in the future of the ‘Star Trek’ franchise.

1988 N.Y. Times 29 Sept. c21/1 Paramount had what the industry calls ‘franchises’—strong movie series with built-in sequels—including ‘Indiana Jones’, ‘Friday the 13th’ and ‘Star Trek’.

1998 Daily News of Los Angeles (Nexis) 8 Nov. Wolf wanted to produce something that was more of an extension of his ‘Law & Order’ franchise.

2005 FHM Jan. 163/1 Not only was The Getaway a rip-roaring rocket-fuelled orgy of shooters, motors and Lahndon-based criminals, it also happened to be the UK's best-selling new game franchise ever.

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