I know that it's proper to spell out the term and show the acronym in an document upon its first use. After that, one should use the acronym. However, I struggle with continuously simply using acronyms as to the reader, the language quickly becomes cluttered with numerous and unfamiliar letters. For example, in a recent document, if I strictly followed the rule (where the acronyms have already been defined), it could have read:

Youth in FF may be eligible for a full range of IL services. Both LCPAs and LDSS can provide supervision of ILAs. Youth may be eligible for IL but severely ID/DD and unable to attain a GED, or vocational training, although ETV are available.

I cannot envision imposing multiple sentences like those on a reader. Isn't there any flexibility with this rule? Thank you!

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    The only rule you really should adhere to is to write out the acronym the first time you mention it so the reader has a chance to know what it means. After that, let context dictate whether you abbreviate or not. – Janus Bahs Jacquet Jun 27 '17 at 15:39
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    Welcome to EL&U. Unfortunately, our format is ill-suited to requests for writing advice, as there can be no single, independently verifiable answer. The "rule" you cite is a stylistic rule, not a grammatical one; if you feel it improves the flow to spell out the terms, then you should do so, subject only to the strictures of your editor, publication, or organization. – choster Jun 27 '17 at 15:40
  • Well this is very helpful!! I've had so many people tell me there is no flexibility...which made little sense to me. My only other option was to simply not use acronyms and spell out the term each time it was used. Thank you! – C Wilson Jun 28 '17 at 16:13

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