Is it grammatically correct to say:

1) I am working at the Home Office

2) I am working at The Home Office

3) I am working at Home Office

Moreover, if one were to be asked to write down their employer, which option would be correct:

1) Employer: Home Office

2) Employer: The Home Office

  • Second question... If "The Home Office" is the actual name of your employer, use it. If "Home Office" is the name of your employer, use it. First question, same answers for 2 and 3. If "Home Office" not the name of your employer, but it is what they call one of their locations, you could use use 1.
    – GEdgar
    Jun 24, 2017 at 20:31

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First question: If you're working for a major, unique employer, then use "the". So if you're working for the UK Home Office government department, it'd be

I am working for the Home Office

The same thing would be true if you were working for an embassy:

I am working for the American Embassy

Even though there are lots of American embassies around the world, it's still more or less unique in the country you're in, and

I am working for American Embassy

would definitely be wrong.

On the other hand, if you were working for a company called "Home Office", it'd be

I am working for Home Office

since there are many companies.

For your second question, as a native British English speaker, either works, though I'd probably go for

Employer: Home Office

since it's not part of a sentence.

For the company with the same name, it'd be

Employer: Home Office Ltd (or Home Office Plc, or whatever)

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