Sentence 1:

I completely agree with this notion and will make the case for it by analyzing the benefits that physical training classes bring to youngsters.

In sentence 1 we must use the definite article because everyone knows which benefits phys-ed classes bring to youngsters, it's just a common sense.

Sentence 2:

Finally, the governmental financial reward for the organizations that have incorporated kitchens and gyms into their office spaces would be another effective (sound) countermeasure against the deterioration of public health.

Here we must not use the definite article because there are a lot of such organizations, and it's impossible to say which exactly the author means.

Am I right?


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You do have to use article (the) in the sentence number two too as you are specifying the organizations by using relative pronoun "that". Here you are talking about those organizations which have incorporated kitchens and gyms into their office spaces.

  • This is correct. In both cases, you use "the" because you are talking about items from a known, specific set. Commented Jun 22, 2017 at 1:50

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