Recently read when I read an IT paper, I encountered a phrase, "Red Hot". what does it mean?

Below is the full sentence :

The DevOps space is red hot, but as many enterprise are quiclky beginning to learn, it's no easy, so it's critical to ensure that your environment is prepared.

Thanks for helping me

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Red-hot is used figuratively to indicate something that is very successful and popular:

extremely popular


creating much excitement, demand, or discussion:

  • The new toy robot is a red-hot item this Christmas.


Also simply hot:

(Informal) popular and commercially successful; in demand; marketable:

  • The Beatles were a hot group in the 1960s.

In this context, red hot means that something is popular or growing. Other usages include: something that has a high temperature, something that is very spicy, or someone that is very attractive.

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