My sister sighed "Oh, the humanity!" But she was talking about her cat. What is the right word if it's a cat?

Felinity? Felixity?

Extra points for dogs...



It's "Felinity". "Felixity" isn't an English substantive.

In Latin "cats" translates to "feles" (nominative). They are classified as "Felidae", whereas we are "Hominidae".

"Caninity" describes the state of being a dog, as does "felinity" for cats.

felinity (noun): The feline quality; the quality of being cat-like in manner or disposition.

The Century Dictionary

Example usage:

"Whatever our merits when compared with lower species, however, we vary conspicuously when compared with one another. Humanity is superior to equinity, felinity, caninity; but there are degrees of humanness."

Perkins — Concerning Children

"Humanity" not only conveys our nature, but also our collective, the world's population (as in "Humanity will thrive!").

So, if you mean to describe the very particular feline aspect of something, then "Oh, the felinity (of it)!" seems like a good fit.

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