Which of the following is grammatically correct as a title for a book?

  1. 'Handbook on Right to Information Act'
  2. 'Handbook of Right to Information Act'

Apparently both the usages are employed. See book1 and book2.

Would the answer change if the words 'Right to Information Act' were replaced by 'Microbiology' or if the word 'Handbook' was replaced by 'Book'?

  • crchandbook.com. Also note that your book1 uses the and book2 does not include Act
    – Jim
    May 26, 2017 at 4:35

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Ngram suggests that “Handbook of” is more popular.


Personally, I do not like the sound of either, as it seems redundant to include handbook in the title of a handbook! I do prefer having a definite article in there. “Handbook on the Right to Information Act” or “Handbook of the Right to Information Act”.

In this instance, I would suggest the meaning is slightly different, which could also account for the popularity difference in ngram. The first (on) is referring to a specific noun that the handbook will cover. The second (of) is referring to a topic that the handbook will be about. In practice, these are not far apart in many cases, so either will work.

In this case, I think “on” works better because (I assume) the handbook is about a particular act (the Right to Information Act).


There is also the option of using 'to' - "The handbook to the Right to Information Act", "The handbook to better living".

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