As a son of refugees from the North, Moon is determined to go his own way about it–tackling the Kim regime not by aggression but by measured engagement. The current cycle of antagonism helps no one, he says, least of all the long-suffering population of the Hermit Kingdom. “My father fled from the North, hating communism. I myself hate the communist North Korean system. That doesn’t mean I should let the people in the North suffer under an oppressive regime.” - Time(May 15, 2017 - Asia edition)

This is an excerpt from Time magazine, which is about Moon Jae-in, then a leading presidential candidate, now the President of South Korea.


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Measured in the sense of:

slow, careful, and deliberate:

  • We are taking a careful and measured approach to the problem.

Macmillan Dictionary

The article says that President Moon will adopt a very careful attitude towards Kim regime (probably to avoid possible conflicts),

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