I'm looking for words (any part of speech) that are associated with seeing beauty in a thing where you had not previously seen it. The phrase "gain an appreciation" is sort of close, but (a) it's a phrase, not a word, and (b) I would like something stronger - having an "appreciation" for something doesn't necessarily mean that you find it beautiful.

Example sentences could be anything really, because I don't need this to be a specific part of speech. But I'll give it a shot:

"I verb the painting after seeing it many times."

"I have noun for the painting after seeing it many times."

"The painting is adjective. It takes many viewings to see its beauty."

"I see the painting adverb now after seeing it many times."

Or something which doesn't fit into any of these sentences is fine as well.

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If you're okay with using two words, Oxford English Dictionary defines acquired taste as

a liking gained gradually, through experience or repeated exposure; (hence) a person who or thing which is not immediately appealing, but which one comes to enjoy or appreciate over a period of time.

Example: 1998 Time Out N.Y. 22 Jan. 91/4 Her..elliptical song structures are a bit of an acquired taste.

To work this into one of your example sentences, you could write:

The painting is an acquired taste. It takes many viewings to see its beauty.

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