I'm building a forum for people who live or are planning to live in Taiwan. It is mainly for foreigners to ask questions or start topics.

I was wondering is there is a shorter way of saying that (or it is just OK as it is right now?)


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I would use current (or present) and prospective residents. A prospective resident is a person who is considering becoming a resident in the future, but may or may not yet be certain about it.


I’d be more likely to write residents and prospective residents of Taiwan, but what you have is also perfectly acceptable.

Added: As is Jon Purdy’s version, current/present and prospective residents, which has the virtue of being even shorter than my suggestion.


Sounds like you're starting a forum for expats in Taiwan. An expat (expatriate) is any foreign resident of a given country. It is a popular term for describing foreigners in Asia and elsewhere (including Taiwan, where I taught English years ago), and has no negative connotations. So you could say "expats and prospective expats," although I would just use expats, since prospective expats will still join your forum.

I suppose if someone gets Taiwanese citizenship, he is technically no longer an expat, but that seems a bit of a quibble, as such a person would still have strong associations with the culture of his original country.

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