I work for a small company (4 people) and working environment here is informal. When i need to take vacation i don't have to take official approval. However it make sense to inform my co-worker and my boss that i will be taking off on certain days. How do i compose an email to inform them about my upcoming vacation?
I thought of writing something like

Hi, Just FYI, I will be taking off from [startdate] to [endadate]. I Will be available on phone & email.

But i think Just FYI sounds little rude.

The email should informal but also polite.

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Well, you could always remove the 'Just FYI'


I'll be away on leave from [startdate] to [endadate]. I'll still be reachable via phone or email.

(Optional fun statement like "Feel free to wrap up all the tickets before I get back ;)"


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