I occasionally volunteer for our community's inline hockey club to keep time or record the events of a game, for example penalties and goals. We typically sit in a wooden hut next to the rink and enter the data in a computer, and manage a chronometer linked to the main public display.

I guess the part about keeping time could be called a timekeeper, but is there a proper term for both functions? In French we call this "officiel de table", but I have no idea what to call this in English.

  • Do you mean scorekeeper? – michael.hor257k May 2 '17 at 6:08
  • scorekeeper would be the term for the other person serving in the hut, yes. But I'm looking for a term that covers both scorekeeper and timekeeper. – lindelof May 2 '17 at 6:10
  • Adding ice hockey to your title, would better convey your specific meaning. – MikeRoger May 2 '17 at 13:34

A brief Google search suggests that the term off-ice official may be used as a hypernym for both scorekeeper and timekeeper.

Minor hockey is very fortunate to have a great base of volunteers who assist at hockey games as scorekeepers (writes up the game sheet) and timekeepers (works the clock).

When you are one of the people working in the timkeeper's box and penalty box area, you are considered an off-ice official. Thus, your role for the game is to be an impartial game official. Please do not debate or argue calls with referees when you are working as an off-ice official.


All teams should be reminded of the role of Timekeepers and Scorekeepers (Off-Ice Officials) in Minor Hockey games. There have been some concerns in the past and I hope this will clarify the responsibilities volunteer parents are expected to adhere to, when acting as a Timekeeper and/or Scorekeeper.


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