I'm looking for a word / short phrase for "extension of self" (or at least "positive reflection of self") one could give to something they've created.

E.g. A company could be named _______ implying that the company and or products/services share characteristics/traits of the owner.

Related words: representation, pride, personification, legacy.
What I'm looking for is almost like inheritance but more like "inheritance of my self", in a word.

The 'coolest' sounding answer will get preference.
If you don't fully understand my question, don't downvote or even answer; post a comment and I'll explain.


"Extension of self" pretty much defines it but it needs to imply "extension of me" not "extension of one's self"; i.e. the word/phrase needs to imply self-embodiment. E.g. A portfolio of projects could be named "Pieces of Me" or something. Hope this helps.

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I think the nearest word OP will get is eponymous, meaning self-titled, or named after.

It's more about the fact of the same name applying to both an "original" and the idea/thing named after it, but I think you'd need a much longer explanatory phrase to indicate you were interested in reflecting the persona of the original, rather than just the name. There is aptly-named, but this could be used in respect of any characteristic of the original.


I like persona. It's an extension of one's self, or at least an aspect of one's self.

  • Thanks for the answer. Sounds good but I needs to imply embodiment of my own persona. See my edit – Adam Lynch Aug 21 '11 at 15:51

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