This is a sci-fi movie, read this part to understand:

[first lines] Will Salas: [voice over] ... We’re genetically engineered to stop ageing at twenty five. The trouble is, we live only one more year, unless we can get more time. Time is now the currency. We earn it and spend it. The rich can live forever and the rest of us? I just wanna wake up with more time on my hand than hours in the day.

Then, quote for my question:

[at the poker table in a casino]

Philippe Weis: I don’t believe we’ve had the pleasure of your company before, Mr…?

Will Salas: Salas. Will Salas.

Philippe Weis: Philippe Weis. You must come from time.

Will Salas: You could say I’m gambling my inheritance.

Philippe Weis: You don’t have a guard, Mr. Salas?

( http://www.moviequotesandmore.com/in-time-movie-quotes/ )

What does "You must come from time" mean?

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In the cited source, time itself is a currency. This means any phrase outside of this premise that mentions currency can have that term replaced with "time" inside this premise. There exist a number of such colloquialisms. A few examples: "you must come from money", "they come from money", and "it must be nice to come from money". These examples suggest that the person started from a richer point than other people, and it is suggested that the person has lived their life taking advantage of that fact. Bastardizing the provided examples with the gimmick of the movie yields this same suggestion, except with "time" as the point of reference: "you must come from time", "they come from time", and "it must be nice to come from time".

Also, the premise of the movie can be summed up after recognizing another colloquialism: "Time is money." Then, the premise of this movie is: "What if time actually was money?"

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