mode precedes modality. I cannot discern any difference in their modern meanings: so what caused 'modality' 's lexicalization, when 'mode' already existed?

OED on 'mode':

  1. a. A way or manner in which something is done or takes place; a method of proceeding in any activity, business, etc. Freq. with of.   [...]

  2. a. A particular form, manner, or variety in which some quality, phenomenon, or condition occurs or is manifested.   [...]

II. In senses derived from French.

  1. a. A prevailing fashion, custom, practice, or style, esp. one characteristic of a particular place or period.

OED on 'modality':

  1. a. Those aspects of a thing which relate to its mode, or manner or state of being, as distinct from its substance or identity; the non-essential aspect or attributes of a concept or entity. Also: a particular quality or attribute denoting the mode or manner of being of something. Cf. mode n. 6a.
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They're different words. A mode is a state something can have; it may have several modes. The attribute of modality means that it has modes, as opposed to not having them, or having only one. (Compare stateful and stateless in programming - some applications are capable of having different states, while some are not.)

In practice, I often see the word modality being used in place of mode. In time it may come to be synonymous.

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