I ……………… my homework. What shall I do now?

why the right answer is "have done" and not "did"?

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  • When you talk about the completion of an action without mentioning the specific time when it was completed in the past and its result is relevant in the present time, you use the present perfect tense. You have done your homework, you don't say when it has been done and now you are free (the present result) to do whatever you want to. – mahmud koya Apr 25 '17 at 0:59

I love the present perfect. It makes in English what some languages do not: a living past and a finished past.

"I have done my homework, so I can go and play."

Or as the captured general, sitting on a drum after the last battle of the British Civil Wars, said to the victorious enemy: "You have done your work boys and may go play, if you do not fall out among yourselves."

The living past makes the present. "Do you know Paris?" Yes, I have often been there." - "Can I see the boss now?" "No, he's gone out."

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