I am looking for a word (if one exists) that can be used to describe an action of receiving a donation or loan.

I thought about (something like) monetary but I am not sure that is correct as monetary may be to vague in my case. It needs to be able to be used to describe receiving of either a donation or a loan.

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With certain organizations, it is known as a monetary infusion.


Injection (Collins)

countable noun

An injection of money or resources into an organization is the act of providing it with more money or resources, to help it become more efficient or profitable.


An injection of cash is needed to fund some of these projects.

The company is hoping to obtain a £250 million cash injection from the government

This is better than the more frequently used word investment because investment has the idea of expecting a return, which is an idea that is not in your question.


You Benefit from having a benefactor.

Benefit- An advantage or profit gained from something.

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