Let's say that I dropped a pen under my couch. I can't see it, but I know it's there somewhere, so I reach in and _______ with my hands/fingers.

The word "search" would work, but I'm looking for something specific to touch. "Grasp" is close, but that's the verb for after the verb I'm looking for.

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    Try feel for (the item). – 1006a Apr 19 '17 at 5:56

If blindly is a factor in what you're looking for, then see grope, defined by Oxford dictionary as

Search blindly or uncertainly by feeling with the hands.

See Cambridge dictionary define grope:

To feel with your hands, especially in order to find or move towards something when you cannot see easily.

Keep in mind to steer clear of its other meaning, which is, to touch someone for sexual pleasure.

There is also scrabble, defined by Oxford dictionary as

Scratch or grope around with one's fingers to find, collect, or hold on to something.

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One option would be probe:

physically explore or examine (something) with the hands or an instrument.
from google

I believe that probing generally has a connotation of a careful, thorough search.

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