Which of the following is correct grammatically?

  1. He has a real genius in mathematics.
  2. He has a real genius for mathematics.
  3. He has a real genius at mathematics.
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  • You may want to look at a dictionary -- the first set of examples shows "that woman has a genius for organization" -- exactly the construct you are asking about. – Andrew Leach Apr 17 '17 at 7:36

'He has a real genius for mathematics'

would be correct grammatically. Having a genius for something indicates having a flair or skill for something. Read more here.

"in" would not be valid with "has".


If you are referring to a person, following statement could be used,

He is a real genius in mathematics.

The word genius can be used as noun or adjective.

To use ‘genius’ as a noun, you have to use the word as if it is a ‘thing’

He is a football genius.

That was a stroke of genius.

To use ‘genius’ as an adjective, you have to use the word as if you were describing something.

He comes up with some amazing, genius ideas!

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