Just as achievements can contribute to a person's fame, is there an equivalent word for an action or event that contributes to a person's notoriety? Phrases that come to mind are 'bad deed' or 'cruel act', but no words come to mind.

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    Malfeasance, misdeed, devilry, malefaction, villainy, mischief, malpractice..
    – vickyace
    Apr 10, 2017 at 20:37

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Ignominy (MWD)

disgraceful or dishonorable conduct, quality, or action

Infamy (MWD)

an extreme and publicly known criminal or evil act

Scandal (MWD)

a circumstance or action that offends propriety or established moral conceptions or disgraces those associated with it

Atrocity (MWD)

a shockingly bad or atrocious act, object, or situation the atrocities of war

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