So if I wrote:

You and I have a lot of places to go

is this wrong?

I was chatting to a friend on social media and he kept correcting me. 'You should' and 'I should' sound correct however 'me should' sounds wrong but no matter how hard I tried to explain from my side we got nowhere .


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If you look at https://dictionaryblog.cambridge.org/2014/04/03/the-top-5-ungrammatical-song-lyrics/, there's an example of an error made in the lyrics of Bad Romance by Lady Gaga:

Gaga, a serial offender, is guilty of the reverse error in the song ‘Bad Romance’, with this line:

You and me could write a bad romance. Me could write a bad romance? If only she could pay as much attention to her pronouns as she does to her outfits…

You and me is not correct in a subject, as in your example.


The answer for "you and I" or "you and me"? is the same as the answer to: "I" or "me"? ...

I went to the store

He gave it to me.


You and I went to the store

He gave it to you and me.


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