You might say, "As promised, I am sending you a sample of our product." The phrase "as promised" seems to lack something. What would be a complete sentence? Would it be "as I promised" or "as was promised?"

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The sentence is complete as it stands. It is common in business letters to begin sentences with introductions such as:

As indicated

As agreed

As requested

These will generally be followed by a main clause such as:

I am/we are sending you......

Such introductions are used to mean:

As I/we agreed/promised/ etc

but it's not necessary to include the pronoun. It's understood.

Other typical examples of ways to introduce such letters are:

With reference to your letter, I…"

In response to your letter, I can confirm…"

With regard to your memo, I…"



as far as I can see, 'as promised' is used as an adjunct (an adverbial (?) explanatory supplement). Nothing missing here.


Think of it as an abbreviated version of 'as I promised I would,...' https://www.gymglish.com/en/english-translation/as-promised


As promised, (here is the report): As I promised you, as I assured you, (here is the report)


"As promised, here's the finance report I was telling you about."
"As promised, here are the guidelines regarding the Outback Cologne rebranding project"

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