Synonym for a supportee (Which doesn't seem to be a word)?

I created products that retail and we sell them and give the proceeds to charities. Trying to figure out a single word to use as a page title for those that we support were we can list the charities (With their permission of course).


  • supportee/supporter cf. employee/employer, does beneficiaries fit the context?
    – JMP
    Mar 10, 2017 at 3:48

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a person or thing that receives help or an advantage from something :

one that benefits from something.


Recipient seems appropriate. Does this work for your project?


Note:'Supportee' seems singular and somewhat anonymous. "Suportees" sounds awkward and a bit silly to my ears. 'Beneficiaries' is indeed a proper word to describe these particular clients but it has a definite "business" connotation without much empathy. Given this is a charitable endeavor whose recipients are actual people who need assistance, a descriptor that has some dignity to it, in my opinion, has the most merit.

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    You should cite and link your source. And since it’s textual information it ought to be text. This looks like Google and I find that it’s hard to cite those definitions that pop up so I tend to pick a different online dictionary.
    – Jim
    Mar 10, 2017 at 4:43
  • @Jim So linked.
    – M.Mat
    Mar 10, 2017 at 9:02

Supportee is a word. The Ngram viewer finds it's used particularly for emotional support:

Gottlieb explored several different support situations and assessed the degree to which various support behaviors are considered helpful to the supportee. (On Being Supportive: The Emotional Consequences of Listening to Another's Distress by R M Perrine)

and for physical support:

Support-edges for support relationships in the Initial State are called disassembly-support-edges. They are shown as solid, u-shaped edges. These edges are directed from the supportee to the supporter. (Intelligent robotics: proceedings of the International Symposium on Intelligent Robotics, January 2-5, 1991)

and in the discussion of tax law:

In the case of a charitable trust...an alternative responsiveness test could be met when the supportee was named, and the named supportee had the power to enforce the trust.... (Tax Planning and Compliance for Tax-Exempt Organizations by J Blazek)

Checking with the google finds that supportee has been used for product support. From the website of a desktop conferencing service:

You can use GoMeetNow to remotely support PC and Mac computers. Follow the procedure below:

  1. Start an interactive meeting session & invite the supportee (attendee) to join your session
  2. After supportee joins your session, change the presenter to supportee.
  3. After supportee accepts to show his desktop, ask him to assign controller to you.

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