"That's why you did this!?"

That's obvious a question, but no question form is used? Shouldn't it be something like

"is that why you did this?"

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  • No, because both examples contain embedded questions (interrogative content clauses): "That's why you did this?!; "Is that why you did this? The meanings are "That's the answer to the question 'Why did you do this?"' and "Is that the answer to the question 'Why did you do this?"' – BillJ Mar 9 '17 at 17:21

The two punctuation marks (!?) are not standard, but they do show the speaker's surprise. You could skip the exclamation mark and leave yourself with a rhetorical question (you appear to ask a question but really express an opinion.)

Definition from Collins English Dictionary, 12th Ed.:

A question to which no answer is required: used esp for dramatic effect. An example is Who knows? (implying that Nobody knows)

The two sentences mean the same, with different feelings.

  • 1 expresses shock or anger, as in "Please do not tell me you had that reason for doing this bad thing, because I do not appreciate your actions."
  • 2 simply seeks information in "Is that why?"

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