"If there is only a little bread on the table, keep yours in your hand." - Croatian proverb.

In Croatian language same proverb goes wihout "only". Why british english native translator have translated with "only"?

  • Another way of translating it would be If there is little bread...; neither means the same as If there is a little bread.... This question needs to be expanded to explain what research you have done; it might also be better moved to English Language Learners – TimLymington Feb 28 '17 at 18:54

The word "only" is used here as an adverb to emphasize that the amount of bread is less than might be expected.

From the Cambridge Dictionary:

We use only as an adverb to mean that something is limited to some people, things, an amount or an activity:

Only a few hundred houses survived the hurricane without any damage.

  • Here, less than might prove necessary. – Edwin Ashworth Feb 28 '17 at 22:41

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