Apologies for the extremely vague title but considering I don't even know how to properly phrase what I'm trying to ask, I had no idea how else to describe it.

Basically I am familiar with homographs and homophones (and homonyms), but there is a different type of "word play" or "spelling play" I've seen come up as of recently that I'm trying to find out if there is a name for. Or if one for it simply just doesn't exist.

There's a few examples I could list, but the best one I could think of is kaiyote. This is obviously a play on the real word, coyote. However, it's not considered a homograph or homophone because the word kaiyote in itself doesn't have any meaning - it's just a word spelled to make it sound like the actual real word coyote.

Could anyone tell me if there is any term for this type of practice, or is there not one?



it's just a word spelled to make it sound like the actual real word coyote

You're probably looking for sensational spelling:

Sensational spelling is the deliberate spelling of a word in an incorrect or non-standard way for special effect.

Wikipedia goes on to give several examples, some of which are brand names (Froot Loops), but it also mentions a number of band names including:

  • The Beatles
  • the Byrds
  • Led Zeppelin

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