At times we say this but just now it's completely blank. Say there's a complex definition for something, which we need to explain in simple words so that a person who's not an expert in that area can understand it, we would say:

Give me the _____ version of this

(the same definition in simple easily understandable words)

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  • As in the relationship of a map to the actual territory? A simplified model? A sketch? An outline? – Dan Bron Feb 22 '17 at 12:48
  • In English, please. Particularly if the complex version is full of jargon. – jxh Feb 22 '17 at 22:04
  • Simple English (think of Simple English Wikipedia), lowbrow, bottom line, takeaway, first approximation, layman's, dumbed down, idiot-proof, for idiots. – aparente001 Feb 23 '17 at 5:42

Got it from one of my friends.. 'Layman's terms' is the phrase I was looking for.

In layman's terms -- Wiktionary

(idiomatic) Phrased simply, without jargon.
"Okay, let me explain this in layman's terms."


A less-formal version is the CliffsNotes version, referencing the CliffsNotes series of study guides, and referring to a condensed and simplified form of explanation.

Another term you could use would be in a nutshell, suggesting a brief explanation that hits the key points.


The direct application to your sentence would be most likely be simplified. But we could probably do better!

A nice, juicy word for this would be to make the information digestible.

Digestible via Oxford

(of information) easy to understand or follow. ‘her books convey philosophical issues in a lucid and digestible form’

Another nice word to use in the place of simple could be exoteric, which continues to fit in the theme of lightening information consumption.

Exoteric via Dictionary.com

  1. suitable for or communicated to the general public.
  2. not belonging, limited, or pertaining to the inner or select circle, as of disciples or intimates.
  3. popular; simple; commonplace.

If you boil down the complexity of Exoteric and combine it with the lightness of digestible, you'd be led to lucid.

Lucid via Dictionary.com

easily understood; completely intelligible or comprehensible: "She returns with a “Life in the 50s” memoir that moms can relate to, thanks to her lucid, plainspoken observations."

Synonyms: Coherent, Clear, intelligible, comprehensible, plain, simple, unambiguous, absorbable, graspable, fathomable.

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