How do I say: We welcome our new pastor James Quinn; his wife, Deana and their children John, Patti, and Chris. Is that the correct way to punctuate?

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    Comma after "Deana" maybe – Platonicplatipus Feb 20 '17 at 20:28
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    If you're going to use a semicolon (after Quinn) as a super-comma, be consistent and use one after Deana too. – Edwin Ashworth Feb 20 '17 at 20:44
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    James Quinn, his wife, Deana Is the list at two or three? The roles and those who play them are so closely associated that you don't really need the commas to signal the appositives: *pastor James Quinn, his wife Deanna, and their children John, Patti, and Chris. But punctuation is a matter of style. Suit yourself. – deadrat Feb 20 '17 at 21:00

According to Wikipedia, In general, the comma shows that the words immediately before the comma are less closely or exclusively linked grammatically to those immediately after the comma than they might be otherwise. So you could just replace ';' with ',' and it would makes sense more and will be more consistent.


We welcome our new pastor James Quinn, his wife Deana, and their children John, Patti, and Chris.

You only need a semi colon if the list is more complicated

You can find an example here: http://www.grammar-monster.com/lessons/semicolons_in_lists.htm

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