What can a "rolling correction" mean, other than the let's say scientific meaning of correcting the rolling trajectory of a certain object.

See, e.g. CNBC:

Boockvar said Wednesday's dramatic snap back in the market did not dissuade him from his view. "We've had a rolling correction. We're going to have buyers on the dip, as we did today, but I'm not changing my opinion that going into September, there's a very high chance of a correction," he said. The Dow was down more than 275 points Wednesday morning and ended the day just 40 points lower.


A correction in the stock market is a sell-off by investors, depressing stock prices. A rolling correction is a sell-off that proceeds one market sector after another. It's possible that a "corrected" sector may bounce back as the next sector takes its hit. (That's what "buyers on the dip" means in the OP: investors moved in to buy the cheaper stock in the sector that had taken a dip, i.e., a price loss). Here's a description from a previous market event:

So far this has been a rolling correction: First the homebuilders, then the health care sector, next the transports, and most recently energy and materials have gone into the tank.

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