Which is correct, "because" or "that"?

My motivation for doing things is because…


My motivation for doing things is that…

I know to use "that" with "reason": "My reason is that..." But I'm not sure about whether "that" or "because" is correct with "motivation."

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I personally don't like sentences that are phrased as "The reason ____ is because ____." You'll find that your writing flows better if you remove the excess and just cut to the chase:

I do these things because [reasons]

The word "because" already implies there is a "reason" or explanation for what you've already stated, so there's no use to precede the explanation with "My reason" or "My motivation".


"My motivation for doing this is/was..." - without that or because.

Part of my motivation for writing this piece was to pass along some of what I've learned. (The Atlantic)

See here for many more examples.

Alternatively, you could say:

I am motivated to do things because...

  • Thank you for that link. I did see this sentence there, using "that": My motivation as the character was that he was driven to save her life.
    – Veda
    Feb 16, 2017 at 17:40

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