To illustrate what I'm asking for, I'll give an example. Situation: an event is objectively ridiculous.

Alice: This is ridiculous. (Alice is telling the truth)

Bob: No, it's not. (Bob is being sarcastic by pretending he doesn't recognize the ridiculousness of the event even though he does)

Alice: Yes it is! You are being ridiculous! (Alice's response to Bob's sarcasm with sarcasm equals double sarcasm, and it's sarcasm because she pretends she doesn't know Bob's being sarcastic even though she does)

Bob: No, I'm not. I'm being sarcastic. (Bob's response to Alice's double sarcasm with sarcasm equals triple sarcasm, and it's sarcasm because he pretends he doesn't know that her response was sarcastic even though he knows it was sarcastic)

Alice: Oh look, someone can't catch my double sarcasm. (quadruple sarcasm)

Bob: When I said I was being sarcastic I was being sarcastic. (quintuple sarcasm)

Would it make sense to say that Alice is being evenly-sarcastic, or her responses are even-sarcasm, while Bob is being oddly-sarcastic, or his responses are odd-sarcasm?

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    I've never heard this terminology used (in the US). I suspect it's a one-off invention of the author. – Hot Licks Feb 12 '17 at 13:09
  • @HotLicks I don't think the author is asking if these terms exist. More like, if he uses them, will they be understood? – RichF Feb 12 '17 at 13:35
  • @RichF - They might be understood in the context of some sarcastic dialog. I could see some eggheads getting off on this sort of thing. (This is the kind of thing that Sheldon on Big Bang Theory might do.) The dialog would require care in crafting, however. – Hot Licks Feb 12 '17 at 13:38

It would not make sense to me. The concepts of "even sarcasm" and "odd sarcasm" would be too esoteric for me to pick up on. If anything, I would refer to your example as "alternating sarcasm", "escalating sarcasm", or maybe even "meta sarcasm".

A quick Google search for "odd sarcasm" (quotes included) doesn't find any usages in the manner you mean.

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