There is a little knob on top of RJ connectors, for example, the RJ45 Ethernet connector. I guess the function of this knob is to keep the connector plugged in even if the wire is accidentally tugged away.

Is there a name for the knob in particular, or for such a connector type in general?

Usage example:

It is better to use _________ connectors, as they ensure that network is less likely to become accidentally disconnected.

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    I've worked with electrical and electronic stuff for about 60 years, and I've never encountered an "official" term. "Locking", "latching", "screw on", "screw in", "twist-lock", etc, would be used, depending on the specifics of the design.
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They are known as latching connectors. The latch prevents the connector from being accidentally disconnected. Modular connectors such as the RJ45 have simple plastic tabs that act as latches. These latches are easily broken, and other types of connectors may use more robust latches. For example, the XLR connector used in professional audio equipment has metal latches.

latch noun

  1. A metal bar with a catch and lever used for fastening a door or gate:

    • Lifting the latch, she pushed the gate open.

Oxford Dictionaries

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