Is there a word or phrase for something that generates more hype than it can possibly live up to?

I'm not thinking of something that was intentionally hyped, so overhyped isn't applicable. More like something mundane that just keeps getting postponed and discussed and wondered about until it builds into a bigger deal in everyone's mind than it could ever possibly be.

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    something like 'runaway expectations' ?
    – Tom22
    Feb 5, 2017 at 7:04

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to snowball

  1. To grow rapidly in significance, importance, or size: problems that snowballed by the hour.

Free Dictionary


How about "meteoric rise"?

The phrase means "resembling a meteor's rise or trajectory, in speed or in sudden and temporary brilliance"

For e.g.

Source: Merriam Webster


Sounds like that something is overrated.


overrated ADJECTIVE

not as good or important as some people believe
a highly overrated movie

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