I'm looking for some good synonyms for concurrence because I'm repeating a lot this word in a text within a computer sciences context.

The meaning of this word in my text is: the fact of two or more processes/events happening at the same time.


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What do you think about the words simultaneity, simultaneousness, synchronicity?

I personally think that all derivative forms of simultaneous should do the job just fine because first of all it's the closest one in meaning and secondly it really is the only word that's completely synonymous with concurrency.

Alternatively, you could try using different phraseology altogether. What I mean by that exactly is that instead of alternating the words concurrency and, let's say, simultaneity, you could use phrases like happening simultaneously, happening in sync, concurrent events, running in parallel, simultaneous computation, et cetera. There really are lots of possibilities.


You could say that the two events coincide:

to happen at the same time

(Merriam Webster)

Its noun form, coincidence, has some extra connotation, that it's more or less random that the events happen simultaneously.

Another option is simultaneous:

existing or taking place at the same time <simultaneous events>

(Merriam Webster)

  • Coincide sounds more like a literature context, but simultaneous is what I'm looking for. Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 8:33

Depending on the context, you may be able to use in parallel.

However, concurrency and parallelism have two slightly different meanings.

When using a word like concurrent that has a very specific meaning in the computer science field, perhaps it is best not to use a synonym.

  • another good one, I will be aware about the different meanings that you said. Commented Jan 25, 2017 at 8:42

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