How should email subject lines be written? Like this:

Question Regarding Tomorrow's Meeting

or like this:

Question regarding tomorrow's meeting

For some reason, I would consider the latter to be less "professional." However, capitalizing each word as in a title may be a bit tedious, and it may even look awkward if someone has many emails with capitalized titles. Furthermore, this website seems to suggest that the people are less likely to click on an email if each word is capitalized (though I'd probably take that with a grain of salt).

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  • I'm just asking a general. My example was merely for illustration – Skeleton Bow Jan 23 '17 at 21:05

There are no universal rules for capitalization in e-mail subject lines; the medium is too new and handles too many different types of communication to have developed a single convention. Adhere to the standards of your organization, the guidance of your editor, or the strictures of your preferred style manual.

Broadly speaking, sentence case is easier to read, and is the style I would expect for person-to-person communications. Title case is less personal, and might be appropriate where the subject represents a news headline or newsletter title, or by analogy to the title of a memo. I exclusively use sentence case for the e-mails I pen myself, but that is simply personal preference and opinion.

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