What type of rock is a "slide-rock"?

In those days we had never heard of passing up a chance to kill a wolf. In a second we were pumping lead into the pack, but with more excitement than accuracy: how to aim a steep downhill shot is always confusing. When our rifles were empty, the old wolf was down, and a pup was dragging a leg into impassable slide-rocks.

Context: Thinking Like a Mountain By Aldo Leopold

  • My guess would be a field of broken shale-like rock, sometimes seen at the edge of an embankment, or near a stream. The rock can be nearly impossible for humans to walk on because it shifts so easily underfoot. – Hot Licks Jan 19 '17 at 0:23

Merriam-Webster defines slide-rock as:

rock shards in talus,

where talus is defined as:

1: a slope formed especially by an accumulation of rock debris

2: rock debris at the base of a cliff

Thus, slide-rock is usually referring to the rock debris that falls of a cliff face, or that results from a landslide.

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