If I am a team lead, and I lead 4 people in my team, do I say I am a "team lead of 4 people or 5?". You see, I am a team member too, and I have a specific role in addition to leading the team - so technically, the team has 5 people.

It's an entirely different story with a manager: as a manager, you manage subordinates who report to you. So you'd say: "4 people report to me" or "I manage 4 people".

So which one is more accurate?


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The question is who established the team / how it was formed :-

As long as it is the organisation and not you , the team has been made of five people exactly with you being the leader.

If you have hired a group of four, well then you lead exactly that — a team of four, irrespective of whether you consider yourself to be a part of it or not.

If five people have got together to form a team on their own, well then you happen to be the leader of a five- person team.

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I would just say:

I lead a five-person team.

At the end of the day, I don't think it makes a huge difference whether it's four or five members. You are a team leader; that's the point. (And I think most people would assume you're part of the team anyway.)

You could also say:

I lead a five-person team, including myself.

But I think the first option is better.


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