All in all, every parent and every child is/are different.

I know that subjects with 'every' count as singular, so in case I wanted to say 'Every parent is different', then I would have had to use 'is'. But this case makes me wonder, whether the subject is plural or singular, since it's 'every parent and every child'. I suppose it's the 'and' that confuses me.

Could someone please explain which is correct and why?


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In Communication Skills for Professionals By NIRA KUMAR, the author writes:

When compound subjects are modified by each/every, they are treated as singular. For example,

Every boy and girl was asked to follow the college rules.

We cannot say:

*In our factory every man and every woman are hardworking.


All in all, every parent and every child is different.

There are two conflicting 'rules' one could apply, but here, there is a largely standard preference (though internet examples of plural agreement can readily be found).


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